Boston Jewish Leaders Failing to Block Anti-Semitic Curricula in Massachusetts Schools

Boston: Jewish leaders asleep in the face of anti-Israel school curricula

Anti-Jewish (and anti-American) curricula are spreading across the country in the guise of “ethnic studies” — a derivative of critical race theory, which classifies Jews as “privileged whites.” But Jewish leaders in Boston are failing to educate the community about this looming danger.

Massachusetts public school students may soon be learning that their Jewish classmates are “privileged white people” who support an “apartheid” colonial entity in Israel.

Too many Jews and Jewish leaders are reluctant to confront the problem. They fear alienating their political allies. Ignoring this insidious curricula will have severe long-term consequences for the Jewish community. We need strong, proud, and courageous Jewish leaders, who are neither ideologically conflicted nor morally confused, to protect our community.

Please send this article to your local Jewish leaders, including rabbis and heads of the ADL, AJC, JCRC, and Federations. Ask them why they are not informing their communities about the dangers to Jews inherent in critical race theory and its offspring, “ethnic studies.”

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