The ADL Must Apologize to America’s Jews

The ADL has been hijacked and is now a rogue organization

Like too many Jewish organizations, the ADL been taken over by radical leftists who have subverted its original mission by promoting a progressive ideology at the expense of protecting the Jewish community. As the recent Whoopi Goldberg incident illustrates, the ADL seems morally confused.

Whoopi Goldberg was suspended from The View for two weeks for saying that the Holocaust was about white people killing other white people. According to Goldberg — who was simply repeating current woke ideology — Jews are white, and so Hitler could not have hated them because of their race. The Holocaust was, she said, merely another case of “man’s inhumanity to man.” Jews who were shocked by Goldberg’s outburst were further shocked to learn that Whoopi Goldberg was actually using the ADL’s definition of racism.

A few years ago, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt redefined racism to align with woke ideology. Racism, the ADL declared, now meant the “marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.”

Under this definition, only white people can be racists. Acts of bigotry directed at whites — now including Jews — would not qualify as racism, and hate crimes committed by people of color would not qualify as racism. This definition of racism, which derives from an insidious ideology, has infiltrated the ADL and actually feeds anti-Semitism.

Lumping Jews in with white people implies that Jews are complicit in white supremacy. The ADL seems to have entirely missed the connection between the spread of illiberal ideology on the left and the growth of a progressive anti-Semitism which insists that Jews are undeservingly successful, overly powerful, and, therefore, oppressive.

As the Goldberg incident was unfolding, there was severe backlash, and, in response, Greenblatt and his team revised the ADL definition of racism, which they labeled an “interim definition”:

“Racism occurs when individuals or institutions show more favorable evaluation or treatment of an individual or group based on race or ethnicity.”

This interim definition reflects the ADL’s refusal to acknowledge the obvious: that racism is a universal, instinctual, tribal, evolution-rooted suspicion of others that is always with us, and can happen anywhere.

Greenblatt, as expected, accepted an apology from Whoopi Goldberg. The Jewish community must now demand an apology from Greenblatt, and demand that the ADL board hold him accountable.

In these times, when Jew-hatred is surging, the Jewish community cannot stand idly by as it legendary “Jewish Defense Department” goes rogue, abandoning its mission, and indulges in self-destructive, immoral, progressive, feel-good ideology.

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