Boston’s Jewish Leaders Fiddle While Hub Burns

Anti-Jewish educational materials are being inserted into ethnic studies and “anti-racism” curriculum across the nation while Jewish leaders do little or nothing to stop it

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) now mandates a curriculum to be used in all public schools which contains significant anti-Jewish content. Boston’s ADL, Federation, and JCRC failed to properly vet these materials. They have been informed, and yet we see no evidence they will act. In a previous case in Newton, Massachusetts, they betrayed the community and defended anti-Israel curriculum.

Jewish leadership seems conflicted between their progressive “woke” ideology and their fiduciary responsibility to the community. Instead of doing their job, they pretend that their political ideology is consistent with the best interests of the Jewish community.

Send your local Jewish leaders a (polite) note along with this just-published JNS article by Karen Hurvitz, asking them to describe their plan to counter growing Jew-hatred being inserted into public education.

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