Arabs Have Black Slaves — Today

A Jew-hating pastor says that Israel keeps Palestinians in “21st century slavery” while Arabs have owned black slaves across North Africa for 1,400 years

In a sermon on Martin Luther King Day, Pastor J. Herbert Nelson II, a stated clerk of the U.S. Presbyterian Church, attacked Jews by saying that, “The continued occupation in Palestine/Israel is 21st century slavery, and should be abolished immediately.” He also added that Jewish leaders should “influence the call to join the US government in ending the immoral enslavement.”

Calling Jews “slavers” is a tactic black anti-Semites have used for decades. Apart from denigrating the Jewish people, it doubly serves to distract from the monumental sin of Israel’s Arab and Muslim enemies: that today — and for 14 centuries — Arabs actually own black chattel slaves.

Not “occupied,” not merely oppressed, but, today, in at least five African nations, Arabs and Muslims capture, buy, sell, rape, torture, and own black people.

On this day, February 1, 1995, the black community in New York was awakened to this fact by an unsung American hero: the fearless, now deceased, scholar and reporter Sam Cotton.

Front page of the black weekly The City Sun for the week of February 1, 1995.

His front-page February 1 shocker: “Arab Masters, Black Slaves,” as it appeared in the now-defunct black weekly The City Sun nearly 30 years ago. Sam went on to write many such articles and risked his life with a secret trip to Mauritania where he interviewed black slaves. His resulting book, Silent Terror, is an underground classic.

Samuel Cotton: Footage of Slavery in Mauritania (1996)

It’s not Jews who own black slaves today, Pastor Nelson. It’s the Arabs and Muslims whom the left has chosen to be part of its “victim class,” as a replacement for the “white” Jews.

As Sam Cotton knew only too well, this is a lie whose ultimate victims are the black slaves themselves.

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