A Boston Link to Texas Synagogue Hostage Crisis?

Imam Abdullah Faaruuq promoting violence on behalf of Aafia Siddiqui at the Yusuf Mosque in Brighton, Massachusetts — March 6, 2010.

Boston Jewish leaders willfully ignored signs of Muslim Jew-hatred

In 2010, APT caught a Boston imam urging Muslims to act violently on behalf of terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.

This happened in the midst of our effort to warn Boston’s Jewish leaders — the heads of the ADL, AJC, CJP, JCRC, and the rabbis — about the threat of Islamic anti-Semitism growing the in the Hub, tied to the construction of a mega-mosque by the radical Islamic Society of Boston (ISB).

That effort failed, even though:

• We showed Jewish leaders how founding ISB board member Yusuf al-Qaradhawi (spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood) described Hitler’s murder of the Jews as “divine punishment” from Allah.

• We showed Jewish leaders that ISB imams were disseminating anti-American, anti-Semitic materials, and giving misogynistic and anti-gay sermons.

• We showed Jewish leaders that the ISB website instructed Muslim men on how to beat their wives.

• And we showed them a video of an ISB imam urging a Boston-area Muslim congregation to “grab onto the gun and the sword” to avenge or free convicted terrorist Aafia Siddiqui.

Abdullah Faaruuq’s Pro-Terrorist Remarks (March 6, 2010)

This seems to be exactly what Malik Faisal Akram just did at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville.

As the indefatigable Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism wrote the day of the attack, this is far from the first attempt to spring Siddiqui from prison through kidnapping or threatening Western hostages, but it may have been one of the first signals.

APT Terrorist Primer: Aafia Siddiqui

Yet, in Boston, as across America, establishment Jewish leaders chose to adopt a policy to generally ignore Islamic Jew-hatred, misogyny, homophobia, and terrorism. They did this partly out of cowardice, but mostly in order to cling to the withering liberalism of their youth.

Now, as stunned mainstream Jewish leaders watch classic liberalism, the ideology which once protected the Jewish community, being devoured by a progressive-woke left, they find that they have painted themselves (and all of us) into a dark corner.

They look on astonished as Jews are evicted from the honored and secure position we once held within the coalition of marginalized groups, and replaced with anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic Muslims. Much of Jewish leadership is in shock, but so many still are in denial. They have no idea what to do. They are bewildered and paralyzed, like deer in the headlights.

ADL: Protecting American Muslims, Fooling American Jews

When we tried to show Boston’s Jewish leaders the rising threat of Islamic anti-Semitism, they were impervious to facts, data, and reason. They buried their heads in the sand to facts which should have set off alarm bells. They mostly brushed aside our evidence. They actively opposed our research. And some attacked us as “hateful bigots.”

It is, then, all the more sad and ironic that the Texas synagogue, where Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker was taken hostage on Saturday, is affiliated with the Union of Reform Judaism, an umbrella organization of Reform synagogues whose senior vice president is Rabbi Jonah Pesner, who was prominent among those in the Hub who publicly condemned APT’s research as “anti-Muslim.” (APT has a Muslim sheikh, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, on our board.

As a result of 15 years of careful investigation, in 2019, we published a book-length exposé of how Boston’s establishment, institutions, and civic and Jewish leaders were hoodwinked by the most dangerous ideologues who convinced them they were “moderates.”

Those interested in a play-by-play saga of how trusted Jewish leaders betrayed their community out of fear and for ideology — a betrayal we know was replicated by mainstream Jewish leaders across America — buy the book (which names names) on Amazon here.

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Meanwhile, if you already know that we have, in this most daunting of times, a failed establishment leadership, it is time for you to act. Join us at www.challengejewishleadership.org.


Imam Abdullah Faaruuq was one of Aafia Siddiqui’s closest mentors when she was a chief fundraiser for the Boston-based al-Kifah Refugee Center, also known as Care International, one of al-Qa‘idah’s top money-laundering organizations in the 1990s. As well as working with other al-Kifah activists, Faaruuq used his position as a Massachusetts Bureau of Prisons chaplain to spread terrorist literature to Muslim inmates.

Faaruuq later became an imam at the ISB’s Roxbury mega-mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC), leading campaigns against the imprisonment of other Boston-area terrorists like Tarek Mehanna and Ahmad Abousamra.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam
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