WATCH: Jew Blasts His Friends’ Silence as Jew-Hatred Surges

British Jewish podcaster: people “are absolutely content with the idea of Jews living in fear…”

As Jew-hatred surges, and Jews are assaulted ideologically and physically, where are our friends and allies?

Those of whom we have been supportive, marching and protesting for the same human rights causes, have abandoned us and embrace the religion of woke-progressivism.

It is time we American Jews worked up a little righteous indignation.

Watch Daniel Rosenberg, a British Jewish podcast host, excoriate his friends and countrymen for being “content” with anti-Semitism under the guise of pity for Palestinians.

Though recorded on the heels of Israel’s ceasefire with Hamas last May, it is even more poignant nearly a year later.

(Warning: this video contains profanity.)

British Jewish Podcaster: People “are Absolutely Content with the Idea of Jews Living in Fear…”
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