2022 New Year’s Resolution: Face the Ugly Reality

In 2022, we must resolve to do everything we can to prevent Jew-hatred from reaching the tipping point

Hostilities against the Jewish community are surging. Our leaders are failing to protect us. They seem reluctant even to identify the sources of Jew-hatred.

We must understand the root causes of our situation:

• Our rapidly deteriorating situation is a direct consequence of the attacks on the liberal order of Western (Judeo-Christian) civilization.

• Jewish well-being in America depends on the survival of the culture, and traditions of the American ideals of freedom and tolerance which are currently under ferocious assault.

It’s up to each of us to take action, and we must act to defend our families and our communities:

Let us resolve in 2022 to face the ugly reality and fight back — for the Jewish people and for America.

Our first priority is to challenge failed Jewish leaders who have allied themselves the illiberal left which has evolved from a classical liberalism that supported Jewish life, into a radical “woke” progressivism which defines Jews as rapacious “adjacent whites.”

These radicals have branded America, the best country in an imperfect world, as evil, and are libeling Jews — who are among the best of this nation’s citizens — as evil. It is happening before our eyes.

American Jewish leaders — the ADL, most Federations, JCRCs, and, sadly, many rabbis — are blind to their failed ideology. Many are too obsessed with their own moral narcissism and the need to signal their own virtue to see the danger. Others lack the courage to speak honestly or take the necessary actions.

It is our duty to help change Jewish leadership.

Join us at www.challengejewishleadership.org.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Please read the call to action by Rabbi Aryeh Spero who explains Jewry’s duty to fight for America here. It is a movingly urgent and eloquent moral call to duty.

Happy New Year,

Charles Jacobs
President, APT


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