Jewish Leaders Failing to Fight Anti-Jewish Curriculum

Jewish intellectuals denounce Jewish leaders who fail to protect the community

Watch prominent Jewish commentators and scholars Jonathan Tobin and William Jacobson explain how the ADL and Jewish mainstream leadership in general is failing to protect the community from the extremely dangerous critical race theory (CRT) now being installed in American public schools.

CRT is the new “progressive” race-based ideology whose basic concepts include:

• One’s race, not one’s character, determines one’s identity and value.

• America is bad, rotten from birth.

• Jews are not a virtuous vulnerable minority, but are “adjacent whites” — people who pass for and receive all the “unfair benefits” of being “white.”

Why is this happening? Because Jewish leaders are still clinging to their failed policy of embracing the left-wingers whose attack on American liberalism is devastating to America and to Jews.

Some Jewish leaders are responding to CRT by lobbying legislators to erase only the worst anti-Israel elements from CRT lesson plans. But this will fail to protect the Jewish community (and America).

This tactic failed in California because (1) it cannot prevent radical teachers from teaching whatever they want regardless of the so-called “guardrails” for which Jewish leaders fought. And (2) by not criticizing CRT ideology in general, as Jewish leaders refuse to do, it inevitably leaves CRT defining “the Jews” outside the collection of “virtuous communities.”

In all of this: Keep in mind — the ADL is a disaster. We need new leadership. See our new effort:

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