Failed Leadership

Dershowitz: I’m Not Going to Be Quiet about This!

Dershowitz: “…I will not quietly accept temple Emanu-El’s hypocrisy and cowardice. Nor should you.”

In a time of rising anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, the most prominent Reform synagogue in New York City, Temple Emanu-El, has cancelled a talk by Alan Dershowitz, one of Israel’s most forceful public defenders.

The synagogue’s board cites as its reason to withdraw their invitation an allegation that Dershowitz sexually abused women — an allegation that the shul’s own rabbi agrees is fraudulent.

Dershowitz was dropped in favor of whom? The demented anti-Zionist Peter Beinart, who tells the world that Israel should cease to exist.

Read Dershowitz’ account of this horrid episode here. It describes yet another despicable failure of Jewish leadership in our time.

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