Chanukah: Liberation from External and Internal Foes Continues

This Chanukah, help APT fight our modern-day “Jewish Hellenists”

The Chanukah story has two parts. For eight days, we celebrate the more popular tale — Judah Maccabee’s miraculous victory against the Seleukid army — an armed revolt against the imposition of Greek religious laws upon the Jews.

The other, less well-known, piece of the Chanukah tale is more painful: it was the Hellenized Jewish leadership who convinced the Greek ruler of the Levant (Antiokhos IV) “to impose religious decrees in order to speed up the Hellenization process.”*

Today, as then, we need to fight against those who want to destroy us and we need to challenge our Jewish leaders, who are mostly progressives and who want Jews to assimilate to this epoch’s imperial cultural force — leftist progressivism/universalism. Today, our leaders’ promotion of progressive, “social justice” values prevents them from their primary task of protecting  the community from the surge of Jew-hatred, because so much of this enmity comes from their progressive “allies.”

The Hellenists’ betrayal failed and the Maccabees won. Let us dedicate this Chanukah to shine a light — not only on those who want to do us harm, but also upon our failing leaders who for so long have ignored the emerging threats against us.

* Tip of the hat to Matan Pelig’s JNS piece, “The untold story of Hanukkah that needs to be told.”

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