Addled ADL Supports Anti-Jewish CRT Ideology

Even after America’s Jews are evicted from the “coalition of the oppressed,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt moves ahead with support for anti-Semitic CRT

As the brilliant and indefatigable Jonathan Tobin of JNS explains so clearly:

After years of denial, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt finally concedes that left-wing anti-Semitism is a problem, yet he continues to support critical race theory (CRT), a Trojan horse for the woke/Marxist agenda which claims to fight racism but frames American Jews as schemers and oppressors.

According to CRT, the only reason that some groups achieve more than others is that the more successful groups oppress the less successful. CRT defines “merit,” the principle which has allowed talented individuals to succeed in America — Jews high among them — as a scheme created by “white oppressors” to unfairly take more than their fair share of American wealth, prestige, and power. Jews are seen by CRT as “adjacent whites” — the “1% of the 1%,” according to some anti-Semitic flyers.

CRT divides American society into two warring collectives: “privileged whites” and “victim groups.” It places the Jews in the first category. How can the ADL promote such a slander on America, white people, and Jews?

The ADL’s CEO Greenblatt is a failed leader, a fraud, and a disgrace to the Jewish community.

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