ADL Goes Pro-Defamation: Convenes Speakers Who Defame Israel

The ADL’s virtual conference packed with Jew-haters

The ADL’s Summit, “Never Again is Now,” demonstrates the continuing perfidy of the organization, betraying their mission to fight defamation. The ADL now features anti-Semites whose records of hatred toward the Jewish state are well-documented.

If that were not enough proof that this venerable Jewish defense agency has capitulated to anti-Israel progressive ideology, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tells the Jews that they must, before anything else, fight their own anti-black “racism.”

The ADL should be sued by its donors for false advertising and its bait and switch tactics — seeking donations to protect Jews but using the proceeds for other causes.

The Jewish community needs to be protected by strong leaders. The ADL needs to be held accountable for its betrayal.

The Jewish community urgently needs to act against the ADL. Concerned Jews need to publicly expose ADL fraud.

You can read the details in this piece by Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield outlining all of these speakers’ anti-Israel statements.

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