Israeli Think Tank: American Jewish Leaders are Failing

Israelis give American Jewish leaders a bad review

A new study released today by Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies found that American Jewish leaders were unprepared and “surprised” by the anti-Semitic violence which broke out during the most recent Gaza conflict with Hamas this past May.

There were 193 anti-Semitic attacks that month, 11 of them violent. As The Times of Israel’s story on the findings reports,

“The violent incidents included an assault by pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Jewish diners in Los Angeles; an attack on a Jewish man in New York City near a demonstration; repeated harassment of Jews in Florida; and assaults on Jewish teenagers in Brooklyn, leading to enhanced security at Jewish institutions.”

The Israeli study validates our analysis: that American Jewish leaders are, like deer in the headlights, paralyzed by their own misunderstanding of the current socio-political dynamics in American society. They seem incapable of responding to the rise of “intersectionality” — a radical organizing scheme which has captured major American institutions and upended mainstream Jewish policy.

This ascendant “woke/progressive” strategy divides America into two opposing camps: the oppressive whites and the oppressed “people of color” along with their allied gender minorities. This new division displaces Jews out of their former position as friends and supporters of American minorities, and as (former) co-victims. It re-defines Jews as “white adjascents” — oppressors who exploit the victim classes. Indeed, due to the disproportionate success of the Jewish community, the Jews are cast by many intersectionalists as “the 1% of the 1%.”

This conception, which is now gaining dominance in leftist circles, portrays the Israel-Arab conflict exclusively in racial terms: the Israelis are simply whites (an obvious lie) who are said to oppress the darker-skinned, innocent, indigenous Palestinian population.

This — the Big Lie of our times — now animates the same groupings on the left that Jewish establishment leadership had decided to fervently embrace — with Jewish funds, Jewish passion, Jewish talent, and Jewish political support.

American Jewish leaders thought that Jewish support for progressive causes would have resulted in liberal/left solidarity with the Jewish community. Jewish leaders expected reciprocity from the embraced leftist groups. When this dramatically backfired during the Gaza conflict, the Tel Aviv study shows, Jewish leaders seem to be caught flat-footed, without a strategy to adjust to the new reality.

The only question that remains is: How much longer will American Jews put up with such an appalling and dangerous leadership failure?

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