Prominent Jewish Journalist: American Jewish Leaders are Failing

Bret Stephens: “Is There a Future for American Jews?”

Read Bret Stephens’ prescient and painful warning of how American Jews’ future is in jeopardy.

Stephens says out loud what few have said but all need to recognize:

“Prominent Jewish Americans need to… defend baseline Jewish interests in ostensibly liberal institutions. That hasn’t happened. Instead, …Jewish leaders — trustees and major donors, university presidents and academic deans, senators and representatives, CEOs and board directors — have, to paraphrase Lenin, sold the rope from which their enemies will hang them.

Jewish leaders and donors will often bite their tongues when the institutions they oversee or support become saturated with anti-Jewish animus. They would do better to stop writing checks; start speaking up boldly at board and faculty meetings; and, if they conclude they cannot rescue an institution, publicly and vocally resign to take their talent and money elsewhere.”

Click here to read Stephens’ powerful piece in the autumn edition of Sapir Journal.

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