Bari Weiss Emerges as the Nation’s Leading Warrior against Woke-ism

Bari Weiss: A liberal heroine

Getting classic liberals to understand how woke intersectionality is destroying liberalism, the foundation and glue of our society, may be the most important educational project of our time.

Getting individual liberals to stop caving, ducking, and self-censoring to avoid the inevitable conflict in their personal lives which would come at them for saying the truth is the most important activist effort today.

Bari Weiss is on fire. Encouraging, shaming all of us to speak up — warning of the consequences when we don’t. Showing us live examples of heroes and heroines in our midst.

Here are two of Bari’s stunningly good recent appearances on:

• Commentary magazine’s daily podcast with John Podhoretz.

• Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources, informing CNN’s audience of how the “world has gone mad.”

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