Massachusetts Jewish Community on Alert — Critical Race Theory Coming to Public Schools

Jacobs warns: “Ethnic studies” is poison — Jewish leaders should not negotiate a “better version;” they need to expose, explain, and defeat the curriculum.

The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) is closely following efforts of radicals to install “ethnic studies” — a.k.a. critical race theory (CRT) — all over the country, and now in Massachusetts public schools. Of great concern: what will Jewish community “leaders” do to combat this?

Just days ago, in California, where “ethic studies” originated, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law making the curriculum mandatory in California public schools.

Jewish leaders in California have claimed victory, since they were able to “improve” the law by inserting several “guardrails” against anti-Semitism. The AMCHA Initiative, however — the country’s most active group working on behalf of Jewish students — begs to differ.

“This is a dark day for Jewish students in California and the dozens of other states that historically follow California’s lead,” AMCHA director Tammi Rossman-Benjamin told The Algemeiner. “The fact that no less than seven ‘guardrails’ were deemed necessary for preventing AB 101 from facilitating the widespread promotion of antisemitism is itself a stunning indictment of the bill and the dangers it poses for Jewish students and the Jewish community.”

In the latest of its articles on the matter, JNS reported on what’s happening in Massachusetts. CAMERA’s Andrea Levin told JNS that the proposed curriculum is “part of a political movement that’s shot through with anti-Semitism and rank anti-Zionist propaganda.”

Charles Jacobs said, “Critical race theory” (CRT), which is the model for “ethnic studies,” “follow[s] the woke-ist formula that casts Jews as privileged white-adjacents whose very accomplishments and success become the very proof points that we are ‘exploiters and oppressors’ here and illegitimate rulers over ‘people of color’ in Israel.”

“Guardrails,” or not, radical teachers will teach it that way, no matter what “improvements” are made on paper. Groups of radical teachers have already threatened to teach it the way they want, regardless of any officially altered versions.

Jacobs fears (and predicts) that Boston’s Jewish leaders will make the same error as those in California.

Click here to read this riveting JNS report on what’s coming our way in Massachusetts.

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