A Personal Account of 9/11

The Twin Towers, as they should be remembered. (Bruce W. Ebner)

On 9/11, I was in the Capitol — fighting another jihad

On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was in the U.S. Capitol about to testify to a Senate committee about the slaughter and enslavement of black people in Sudan by Islamic radicals.

Around two and half million blacks had been killed in an Islamic “holy war.” Tens of thousands of them were enslaved by jihadists.

I had founded the American Anti-Slavery Group to, among other things, bring attention to the on-going enslavement of blacks in Sudan and Mauritania. Following the courageous lead of Christian Solidarity International, we assisted in the liberation of thousands of black slaves.

Back then, we didn’t really understand jihad. We mostly thought of the Sudan conflict as a “civil war.”

But on 9/11, when the planes hit the towers and we learned about the attackers, it dawned on us: the same people murdering and enslaving blacks in Africa were coming for us here. And for the same reasons.

Both the 9/11 attackers and the slavers in Sudan were motivated by the same Islamic religious concepts: the domination by Islam, the submission of infidels. They were aiming for the same victories here as they were having in Sudan.

It is clear to all – except perhaps to those in the State Department who believe in the “new, improved Taliban” — that Jihadists will always be enemies of our civilization.

We can’t determine what jihadis might do. What we can influence is how we in the West respond, and so what should worry us most is the failure of our American leaders, people who do not want to see jihad  for what it is, who want to minimize the role that Islam played in the 9/11 attacks and in jihad attacks around the world.

So, here we are, 20 years after the towers fell. Our leaders have been misleading us all this time. And in their blindness and cowardice, they have allowed jihadists to penetrate our society. (“If we’re nice to them, they’ll be nice to us” being the operative, infantile guiding principle.)

In Boston, for example elements of the Muslim Brotherhood built and run the largest mosque on the Eastern Seaboard. (Reports abound that this is replicated across America.) Speeches by imams and unearthed curricula show that they aim to radicalize the historically moderate Muslim community here.

The problem of failed leadership is particularly severe in the Jewish community.

Most establishment Jewish leaders prioritize their allegiance to their grandparents’ liberalism — and have only now begun to notice that it is being swallowed by a Progressive Wokeness that is inherently anti-Semitic and, of course, anti-American.

This allegiance to a withering ideology takes precedence over their responsibility to protect Jews against jihad.

This is the result of their betrayal: On American campuses, no criticism of Islam or Islamic culture and society is permitted, while support for Israel is out of bounds.

In American high schools, you can’t teach about Sudan’s black slaves — because that would be “Islamophobic.” But you must learn to criticize the Jewish state, and call America “racist.”

And our cowardly, deluded mainstream Jewish leaders continue to go along with this.

They will not see the jihad, even when it leaps up in front of their eyes. When a rabbi was stabbed in Boston by an Islamic immigrant on July 1, Jewish leaders refused to say a word about Islamic Jew-hatred. They acted as though it was a total mystery why a Muslim would ever think he wanted to stab a rabbi. This is shameful. “Jewicidal.”

And so, on this 9/11, I and my colleagues are dedicating ourselves to do what we can do to address this problem inside the Jewish community. We are creating a movement of sane, brave, and talented Jewish Americans to challenge our failed Jewish leaders — to speak the truth, and to protect our community. That’s what we can do. That is how we are remembering 9/11.

To those Americans who lost their lives on 9/11, may their memories be for a blessing. For those in the Jewish community who want to rise up and challenge our failed Jewish leaders, come join us. Just email me at
charlesjacobs123@gmail.com and please make the subject “Roundtable.”

Never forget 9/11. Never forget its true meaning, because so much of our society — especially our leaders — has.

Thank you

Charles Jacobs

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