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Jews Fleeing Woke Synagogues!

WATCH: Listen to Jews who left their leftist synagogues tell their stories

A unique presentation by the Conference of Jewish Affairs’ national advisor Adrienne Skolnik reveals a heretofore unnoticed, silent movement of Jews who can no longer abide the leftist, woke, and often anti-Israel climate of the synagogues in which they grew up.

Hear about rabbis celebrating the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement, and synagogue programs demanding that congregants admit to their “white privilege.”

There is a “New Jewish Exodus” of Jewish congregants becoming refugees from the politicized, left-wing orthodoxy of non-Orthodox “Judaism.”

After the testimonies, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, the CJA’s founder and president, speaks and answers questions.

Spiritually “homeless” Jews are finding a refuge with Rabbi Spero’s CJA and the New Jewish Exodus discussion group.

If you have had similar experiences, consider contacting the Conference of Jewish Affairs at
[email protected].

They may ask you to relate your own stories about leftist rabbis and woke synagogues.

For a taste of what Rabbi Spero is doing, you can visit the Conference of Jewish Affairs’ website at

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