Jews Fleeing Woke Synagogues!

WATCH: Listen to Jews who left their leftist synagogues tell their stories

A unique presentation by the Conference of Jewish Affairs’ national advisor Adrienne Skolnik reveals a heretofore unnoticed, silent movement of Jews who can no longer abide the leftist, woke, and often anti-Israel climate of the synagogues in which they grew up.

Hear about rabbis celebrating the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement, and synagogue programs demanding that congregants admit to their “white privilege.”

There is a “New Jewish Exodus” of Jewish congregants becoming refugees from the politicized, left-wing orthodoxy of non-Orthodox “Judaism.”

After the testimonies, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, the CJA’s founder and president, speaks and answers questions.

Spiritually “homeless” Jews are finding a refuge with Rabbi Spero’s CJA and the New Jewish Exodus discussion group.

If you have had similar experiences, consider contacting the Conference of Jewish Affairs at

They may ask you to relate your own stories about leftist rabbis and woke synagogues.

For a taste of what Rabbi Spero is doing, you can visit the Conference of Jewish Affairs’ website at

Conference of Jewish Affairs Webinar: “The New Jewish Exodus Project” (April 11, 2021)
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