A Happy New Year from APT: To a 5782 of Better Jewish Leadership

Thank you for helping us defend Israel and the American Jewish community

Dear friends,

Shanah Tovah! Happy New Year to our Jewish supporters and best wishes for everyone in this difficult time.

May you and yours have a healthy, prosperous, happy, and safe 5782.

We pray this year for new Jewish leadership, one which will understand and confront, and not ignore or deny, the many threats rising against our community.

This year is a time to CHALLENGE JEWISH LEADERSHIP to prioritize the defense of our community which is under ideological and increasingly physical assault.

A coalition of black anti-Semites, American Islamists, and leftist anti-Zionists are portraying Jews as part of the “white patriarchy” which oppresses blacks, women, gays, Latinos, Muslims, and more. So far, the only response of our disoriented and morally confused establishment Jewish organizations is to repeat their obsequious, decades-old reflex of embracing the latest “social justice” fad — regardless of its impact on the Jewish community.

In 5782, APT will focus, with our allies across the country, on efforts to challenge and change Jewish leadership.

Join with us to say, “Enough! Change Direction! Defend America’s Jews!”

APT’s acclaimed ad denouncing the failure of Jewish leadership which appeared in Commentary’s July 2020 issue. Click here to read the text.

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