Arabs Have Black Slaves and Progressives Don’t Care

WATCH Dr. Charles Jacobs: Americans can free today’s black slaves

In this webinar, Jacobs and escaped slave Francis Buk describe how the jihad slaves in Sudan were emancipated.

An important part of the story, Jacobs explains, is how the human rights community and the left in general ignored, and continue to ignore, Islamist enslavement of Africans — so as not to defect from their narrative of Western and Zionist “evil.”

This means, Jacobs suggests, that blacks enslaved by jihadists in five African countries today are abandoned to their fate by the human rights community and the left — precisely the people who fervently claim to care more about black lives than anyone else.

Jacobs and Buk are interviewed by Olga Meshoe Washington, wife of Joshua Washington, the director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel.

We at APT strongly recommend IBSI’s founder Dumisani Washington’s book, Zionism and the Black Church: Why Standing with Israel Will Be a Defining Issue for Christians of Color in the 21st Century. Buy it here.

IBSI Webinar: “Abolishing the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade” (July 5, 2021)

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