Podhoretz: “Jonathan Greenblatt is a Disgrace”

ADL CEO Greenblatt’s response to Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism is a “disgrace”

After Representative Omar extended her anti-Semitic attacks to Jewish Democratic congressmen who had criticized her, implying that they were not sufficiently engaged in the struggle for “justice for the oppressed,” Greenblatt was forced to finally say something.

What he said was wimpy and whiney:

“To accuse Jewish members of not being involved in ‘justice’ is ignorant of their records, and especially offensive when it’s an effort to distract from your own #antisemitic statements. Rep. Omar needs to lead with accountability, not denial — definitely not blaming the victim.”

She “needs to lead with accountability”? No! She needs to resign. No real Jewish leader would appear so wimpish confronting a powerful anti-Semite.

Listen to John Podhoretz, Commentary magazine’s editor, ripping Greenblatt for his weak statement, calling him a “disgrace.”

Greenblatt is now being continuously portrayed — by Jewish writers, thinkers, and leaders — as the Democratic operative who hijacked the ADL for the Democratic Party. Read Seth Mandel’s biting analysis of the horrific failure of the ADL in Commentary.

The Jewish grass-roots is also becoming angry at this betrayal of the Jewish community by our “defense department.”

We must, we should, and we will keep up the drum beat: Greenblatt must go. His board must be shamed for their choice and for keeping him fiddling — as Rome is burning.

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