Jewish Leadership is Failing to Protect the Community from the Surge in Jew-Hatred

The establishment Jewish leaders of Boston, including Federation, ADL, AJC, and JCRC leaders as well as rabbis have failed to respond effectively to the hostility towards Jews.

There are many reasons for this failure, perhaps the most critical is the leadership’s failed strategy of building its primary alliances with “vulnerable minorities,” in the hope that they would reciprocate and befriend us. It was enormously disheartening to see the abandonment and betrayal of the Jewish community by these “allies.” Their silence in the face of anti-Semitic attacks around the country was painful and it requires immediate reexaminations of the community’s priorities as well as the quality of leadership which formulated this failed strategy.

We need an honest self-assessment by Jewish leaders of their responsibility for these failures.

We need strong, proud and courageous Jewish leaders who are not ideologically conflicted or morally confused, and who are unafraid to fight courageously to protect the community.

Please demand that Jewish leaders in the CJP, the JCRC, the ADL and the AJC respond to this simple question!

“What are you doing to protect the Jewish community?”

Please send us the responses (or non-responses) you receive.

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