WATCH: Charles Jacobs Webinar on Failed Jewish Leadership

WATCH: “The Failure of Jewish Leadership: What is to Be Done?”

Watch a presentation by Dr. Charles Jacobs analyzing the failure of Jewish leadership in Boston to confront growing hostility toward Jews for the past 20 years — and how their failure to understand emerging threats brought us to the current crisis.

Jacobs reveals how the establishment was reluctant to stand up for Jewish students on campuses, and how they shamefully undermined a grassroots movement which sought to rid the Newton public schools of anti-Israel curricula. He describes how Jewish leaders failed to confront terror-supporting radicals in Boston, instead hoping to engage them in interfaith dialogue, minimizing the threats posed to the community. All the while they suppressed dissenting voices.

Join our growing group of activist-minded individuals from around the country who work with us to challenge their local Jewish establishment organizations.

We hold discussions with small groups on Zoom each week to help understand the local situation and give guidance on how to challenge local leaders.

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Webinar: “The Failure of Jewish Leadership: What is to Be Done?” (June 3, 2021)
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