“The Boston Globe” Goes Full Anti-Semite

An anti-Israel cartoon by Christopher Weyant tweeted out via “The Boston Globe”’s official Twitter account on May 21, 2021.

A cartoon sure to make a Nazi smile

For decadesThe Boston Globe has defamed and harangued Israel. For countless examples of biased, inaccurate, and even hateful “reporting,” see CAMERA’s exhaustive Globe file.

Now, as Jew-hatred surges around the world, and as Jews are physically attacked in European and American cities, the Globe pounces — and piles on with a cartoon which would make a Nazi smile.

The best take-down of this cartoon, written by Charles Lipson, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Chicago, is required reading for all who want to see how defamation works. Read it and seethe.

This cartoon comes on the heels of viciously anti-Israel op-eds by the Globe’s publisher.

So far, there is no outcry from Boston’s Jewish Establishment. Even as media bias against the Jewish state now results in physical violence against Jews, our mainstream Jewish leaders continue their policy of silence, adopted 30 years ago when they chose to believe that the media’s obsession with Israel is just “legitimate criticism.”

How did that policy work out?! We must persuade them to change.

Don’t bother to write the anti-Zionist, intersectionalist Globe.

Instead, write to the heads of the CJP (marcb@cjp.org), ADL (rtrestan@adl.org), and JCRC (jburton@jcrcboston.org).

Ask them to adopt a full-throated public campaign against the Globe’s unending defamations.

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