WATCH: The ADL Explains Why it Won’t Touch Islamic Jew-Hatred

The ADL refuses to educate America about its stunning findings on the extent of Islamic Jew-hatred, including in American Muslim communities

A massive ADL study found that Jew-hatred in the Muslim world — including in Muslim American communities — is far worse that the anti-Semitism harbored by all other ethnic and religious groups. Yet it refuses to educate America and even its own constituency — American Jews — about this finding.

This truth — and all of the data the ADL uncovered validating it — flies in the face of the ADL’s strategy to remain a cornerstone institution of the new American left which believes that since Arabs and Muslims are dark-skinned, “oppressed,” non-Western foreigners, then revealing the risk their beliefs pose to Jews is taboo.

Watch how the ADL responded in a Congressional hearing on hate crimes when ZOA president Mort Klein presented the ADL’s own research on Islamic anti-Semitism.

ZOA President Mort Klein Tells Congress: Islamic Jew-Hatred Threatens American Jews (April 9, 2019)

ADL Senior Vice President for Policy Eileen Hershenov felt forced to explain that Muslim Jew-hatred here is “non-violent.” And besides, she declared, “[V]ulnerable, marginalized communities have bigotry within them.”

ADL Official Tries to Explain Away the ADL’s Own Research (April 9, 2019)

What’s eaten the ADL’s brains? This calculation: since Muslims in America are seen by the left as “vulnerable” and “marginalized,” the ADL must abandon its responsibilities, and refuse to tell its own Jewish community — and donors — about the real threats they face.

For this and more, watch APT president Dr. Charles Jacobs’ video on this scandal here.

ADL: Protecting American Muslims, Fooling American Jews
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