ADL Refused to Expose Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan at the National Newspaper Publishers Association’s Newsmaker of the Year awards ceremony — March 14, 1996. (NBC News)

For 25 years, the ADL has had the ability to severely damage Louis Farrakhan within his own base — but has refused

Exactly 25 years ago today, news reports of Arabs and Muslims enslaving blacks in Sudan reached new audiences of Americans.

Louis Farrakhan, whose mission is to convince American blacks that Islam is the path to freedom, was deeply upset as news of Muslim enslavement of black Christians in Sudan and of black Muslims in Mauritania broke out in Harlem. (Farrakhan was funded in great part by Libyan dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi.)

Dr. Charles Jacobs, whose American Anti-Slavery Group broke the story of black enslavement in The New York Times, brought an inter-faith, bi-racial team to Howard University to recruit American black leadership to the cause of freeing slaves.

Dr. Charles Jacobs Speaks to Howard University (March 13, 1996)

Unfortunately for Jacobs and his colleagues — and the slaves — Farrakhan had already gotten to Howard administrators and students, and influenced them to doubt eyewitness reports. (This enraged Sam Cottonthe black New York abolitionist and journalist who had brought the evidence of slavery to the black press).

Later that same day, Jacobs, Cotton, and their associates also testified to Congress.

Dr. Charles Jacobs Addresses the House International Relations Committee (March 13, 1996)

The following day, March 14, 1996, it was Farrakhan who flew into a rage at a press conference in Washington, and angrily challenged journalists to go “and look inside of the Sudan” and actually find out if blacks were being enslaved there.

Louis Farrakhan Denies the Existence of Slavery in Sudan (March 14, 1996)

Meanwhile, Jacobs’ pleas to the ADL for help in educating the black community about the slavery, and Farrakhan’s denial of it, went unanswered. (This, while leaders of the black Sudanese resistance attacked Farrakhan directly for his betrayal of black people.) ADL policy-makers likely feared that if they publicized the jihad enslavement of blacks in Africa, they would be charged with “Islamophobia.”

Today, as blacks in five African countries are being enslaved by Arabs and Muslims, the ADL still chooses to remain silent, betraying the slaves, and American Jews, just so that it can continue to beg for acceptance by today’s intersectional left, for whom this subject is possibly the mother of all taboos.

The ADL: betraying black slaves, betraying Jews.

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