Escaped Slave Scolds Progressives: Help Free Black Slaves Held By Muslims

Francis Buk in 2018 appearing on the Jewish Broadcasting Service. (JBS)

Does the Black Lives Matter movement care about actual black slaves?

Francis Buk just published an article asking them to care. Francis was enslaved by Muslim jihad raiders in Sudan when he was a child in 1986.

When he finally made his way to the U.S., he helped lead the movement to free Sudan’s slaves.

Today — 24 years after his escape — Arabs and Muslims still own black slaves in five North African countries.

In his just-published op-ed in The Stream, Buk explains his frustration with Western rights movements, especially with those who march for “Black Lives Matters.” Why in Heaven’s name should black slaves’ lives mean nothing to these people, especially given that they might actually have more power than anybody else to emancipate them?

Buk offers a theory to explain why: both BLM and Western “human rights” organizations are obsessed with the conduct of white, Western people. They believe they stand to gain from this obsession. Reports of black slaves captured by non-whites, and especially by Arabs and Muslims, are an embarrassment: Modern-day slavery in Africa shows that non-white, non-Western perpetrators commit racist sins far worse than than anything “rights groups” are protesting here. And they are given a free pass!

Francis Buk is communications director for the American Anti-Slavery Group (, a project of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

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