Jews in Open Revolt against Their Failed Leadership

As anti-Semitism surges and Jewish leaders flinch, dodge, and cower, community activists speak up

Americans for Peace and Tolerance organized a coalition of 10 Jewish activist groups from across the nation to challenge the policies of establishment Jewish leadership in America. The voice of American Jewry is not being fairly expressed by the left-leaning leadership which is more concerned with partisan politics than Jewish welfare.

In a full-page ad in the November 26 Boston Herald (see text below), Jewish groups from across the country declared that they will no longer accept the hijacking of traditional Judaism for left-wing, progressive causes

We feel it is incumbent on those of us who are patriotic, pro-Israel, and hold to traditional values to get this message out beyond the Jewish “tent” to the American public.

Read the text of our ad:


Jewish Americans Revolt against Their Failed Progressive Establishment. 

We Will Not Be Silenced.

America is deeply divided. So is the Jewish community. America’s mainstream media, college campuses, and liberal churches have been taken over by the radical left — and so have America’s major Jewish institutions. Organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), many Jewish federations, community relations councils, and much of the Reform rabbinate have corrupted and distorted Jewish values to promote a progressive political agenda. And they are silencing the voices of traditional Jews. This is the reason so many Americans think that nearly all America’s Jews are progressive leftists.

A rapidly growing number in the Jewish community who are faithful to the principles of liberty, civility, and tolerance will no longer remain silent. We believe in American exceptionalism, the centrality of Israel to Judaism, and its strategic importance to America.

Americans need to know:


  • Progressive/left-wing Jewish leaders have corrupted the meaning of the Jewish tradition: they are transforming Judaism into socialism, and an agent of radical politics. Judaism is not It is not globalism. It is not radical left-wing politics.


  • Progressive/left-wing Jewish leaders are willing to compromise the welfare of the Jewish community to support their progressive political agenda. They divert Jewish resources to do so.


  • Progressive Jewish leaders encourage and financially support increased immigration from anti-American and anti-Semitic They then scandalously ignore the threats to the Jewish community emanating from this radicalization and influx of people from hostile societies.

Here in Boston, the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), whether for a lack of courage, or because they are transfixed by progressive utopian fantasies, have failed to counter the biased anti-Israel indoctrination in Newton high schools — all the while embracing radicals from the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

We are witnessing a massive failure of Jewish leadership, not unlike what happened during the Holocaust, when American Jewish leaders seemed more concerned with their own status than in protecting the Jewish community. 


Make Your Voices Heard.

Remind Establishment Jewish Leaders of their Moral Responsibilities.


Rabbi Marc Baker, President and CEO of CJP:, (617) 457-8500

Robert Trestan, New England ADL Regional Director:, (617) 406-6300

Jeremy Burton, Boston JCRC Executive Director:, (617) 457-8600


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