How to Humiliate Anti-Semites

How to stop lying anti-Semitic bigots in their tracks

Leftist Jew-haters picketing your synagogue? Here’s how to handle it.

Anti-Semites (including Jewish Jew-haters) have been picketing Beth Israel Congregation in Ann Arbor, Michigan (bearing the ignorant and hateful signs in the picture above), for no fewer than 17 years. A court decided recently that it is legal.

What, then, are Jews to do?

Fight back: picket the picketers!

In a new op-ed in FrontPageMag, Dr. Charles Jacobs outlines exactly how to do this and what all Jews, and non-Jews of good will, can do to demolish anti-Semites’ ridiculous, dishonest charges.

APT designed a series of meme-signs to expose the hypocrisy of the anti-Israel crowd. Display them, and the Israel-haters will have no response.

Available free. Take a look. Go on the offense!

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