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WATCH: Black Lives Matter and the Jews

New APT video analyzes the Black Lives Matter organization’s attitude to Jews and Zionism

These are anxious times: the arc of justice is not bending our way.

We are witnessing the demise of a liberal culture, and its replacement by a radical and hostile culture.

This emerging movement claims to advance fairness, justice, and righting historical wrongs; but its actions are doing the opposite. Sadly, it’s hard for Jews not to be fooled by good intentions.

America’s Jews, who have been in the forefront of the struggles for black civil rights, now face a serious dilemma.

While the slogan “Black Lives Matter” is a justified plea for equal treatment and a passionate commitment to the well-being of our black fellow Americans, significant elements within the Black Lives Matter leadership pose a threat to the Jewish community.

While purportedly combating racism, too many Black Lives Matter demonstrations have intensified the already prevalent anti-Semitism coming from other vociferous anti-Zionists and Jew-baiters. Moreover, the original 2016 BLM manifesto contains vicious demonization of Jews and Israel, including blood libels and conspiracy theories concerning the murder of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers.

We cannot afford to allow our compassion for social justice to delude us as to the ugly reality of a dangerous form of Jew-hatred emerging from non-traditional sources.

The following organizations have joined forces to confront this emerging threat with this new video.

The list of 11 organizations, including Americans for Peace and Tolerance, which sponsored this video.

We must speak out about this painful truth, while continuing our fight against racism.

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