The Most Important Article of 2020: Multi-Culturalism Puts Jews Under Direct Threat

Former “New York Times” columnist Bari Weiss at her desk in the newsroom in 2018. (Josefin Dolsten)

Ex-“New York Times” columnist Bari Weiss rings the alarm: America’s pro-Jewish liberalism is being overturned by a radical “multicultural” ideology marginalizing and undermining Jews

It is my personal opinion that this may be the most important article for the Jewish community in all of 2020.

Bari Weiss, the liberal Jewish columnist who quit the New York Times in protest this July due to its animus towards Israel and Israel’s American supporters, explains how liberalism is being defeated and replaced by a new radical leftist ideology — and how the Jews are fast becoming its primary victims.

One of the most important features of Bari’s piece is that it is written for liberal Jews — haters of Trump — who have not understood the danger of the coming defeat of the liberalism they know and love.

If you can get your liberal Jewish friends to read just one article, beg them to read this warning from a prominent liberal Jewish woman.

Charles Jacobs

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