Take Action! Stop Leftist Takeover of Jewish Community Organizations!

Progressive JCRC organizations are trying to expel the ZOA: join us in stopping the spread “cancel culture” in the Jewish community!

Dear friends,

This is a personal request. We need your help to stop an outrage in New England’s Jewish community. (See the attached ad.)

Under pressure from a coalition of extremist groups, including anti-Israel groups like J Street, New Israel Fund, and the Workman’s Circle, the New England Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) seems intent on evicting the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) from the JCRC’s “big tent.” The ZOA is being punished for its “heretical” views — which are the views of a significant portion of the community.

To purge a long-standing member of the JCRC because they voice dissenting opinions in defense of the community represents the triumph of Stalinist values over Jewish values.

We cannot allow this to happen.

Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) recently published the attached ad in The Jewish Advocate. We intend to publish this ad in other newspapers and on social media. It will be much more powerful with the signatures of many people.

A growing group of friends is helping us get people to sign the ad. Please join us in condemning this ugly hijacking of our voices and the destruction of our community. Please let us know that you want your name on this ad (above) which we will publish and disseminate across the country.

Give us your name, city, and state at apt@peaceandtolerance.org. Then please send this notice to your lists of contacts, family, and friends. We must stop “cancel culture” from spreading to our community.


Read the text of the ad:


The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), having failed to defend and protect Boston’s Jewish community from rising Jew-hatred, is set to further damage and divide us by excommunicating the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), the predominant voice of center-right Jewish opinion.

In an initiative reminiscent of Stalinist tactics, the JCRC membership council will vote on a resolution to expel the ostensibly “heretic” ZOA by March 13, 2021.

While the JCRC’s “big tent” includes anti-Zionist organizations that undermine the security of Israel, it will not tolerate Zionist or non- progressive viewpoints.

The JCRC’s stated mission is to advance the interests of the Jewish community. In recent years, the JCRC decided that supporting a progressive agenda is the most effective way to achieve its mission. The ZOA is being punished for daring to question the Jew-hatred emanating from the Black Lives Matters movement. The JCRC has decided it will only confront Jew-hatred from the right, but will be silent about anti-Semitism surging now from leftist anti-Zionists, from Islamists, and from radical elements in the black community. It has decided that speaking truth to power is no longer a Jewish value.


Mort Klein (President, ZOA):

• Imprisoned for registering black voters in Mississippi
• Led the successful six-year battle to expand Civil Rights Act regulations to protect Jewish students
• Provided strong leadership in support of Jewish students facing intimidation and harassment on college campuses
• Played a key role in the move of the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s eternal capital Jerusalem and in obtaining U.S. recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights
• Named one of the top five Most Influential Jewish Leaders by The Forward newspaper


Jeremy Burton (Executive Director, JCRC Boston):

• Ignored the Qatari and Saudi funding of anti-Israel curriculum in Newton high schools
• Embraced radical anti-Semitic Boston mosque leaders and ignored Jew-hatred education in Boston’s Islamic Center
• Ignored hostility toward Israel and Jews by Democratic politicians
• Failed to provide strong support for anti-BDS legislation
• Misallocated precious Jewish resources to support the radical agenda of the Democratic Party while neglecting Jewish concerns



We need courageous, powerful voices to stand up to Jew-hatred. Support Mort Klein. Support the ZOA. Support Jewish courage.

Rabbi Marc Baker, President and CEO: MarcB@cjp.org, (617) 457-8500.

Jeremy Burton, Executive Director: jburton@jcrcboston.org, (617) 457-8600.

Tell Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), which provides over $2 million to the JCRC, that you will withdraw your support if the JCRC is taken over by the radical left.

CJP and the JCRC must not cower to a leftist mob or wealthy donors.

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