The Influence of Qatar on American High Schools: Collusion of Haters and Educators

Qatar mis-education
Qatar mis-education

The kingdom of Qatar uses its enormous wealth to promote radical Islam around the world. Qatar is a leading sponsor of global terrorism. It has provided funding to al-Qa‘idah, ISIS, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood

In Newton, MA: The Influence of Qatar on American High Schools — Collusion of Haters and Educators from Peace Tolerance on Vimeo.

Qatar is also a major promoter of Jew-hatred. Qatar has been active in distributing anti-Semitic educational material in the Arab and Muslim world, including cartoons repeating blood libels which are meant to incite children against the Jewish people.

In addition to promoting terrorism, Qatar has invested billions in trying to influence American politics and education. Most disturbingly, Qatar has targeted the American educational system as a way of influencing American politics and foreign policy.

Qatar funds K-12 Middle East Studies curricula for use by American teachers which promote the pro-Arab, pro-Islamic, anti-American, and anti-Israel points of view. This is often done under the guise of “mutual understanding” or “global citizenship.”

Qatari efforts to influence U.S. education are managed through the Qatar Foundation International. In Massachusetts, QFI promotes its educational agenda through Primary Source, an educational non-profit which trains K-12 teachers in “global education.” At least three high school history teachers in the Newton, Massachusetts, school system participated in Qatari-funded programs.

Qatar is not the only Arab country influencing American public school children. Taxpayer-funded school textbooks are often vetted by activists with Saudi ties, who advise and influence major American textbook companies.

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