WATCH: Jacobs Lecture on How Jewish Leaders Failed Us

Jacobs reveals inside story of Jewish leadership collapse

Dr. Charles Jacobs, pro-Jewish activist for over 30 years, explains how and why the Jewish community has lost status and power in a recent David Horowitz Freedom Center webinar hosted by Aynaz Anni Cyrus.

From his earliest engagement helping to launch CAMERA’s Boston office in 1989, Jacobs reveals key decisions and disastrous policy choices on the part of establishment Jewish organizations and their leaders which resulted in the weakening and endangering of the American Jewish community.

From the ADL’s refusal to defend Israel against media bias in 1989, to the AJC’s fateful decision, made at the highest level, not to come to the aid of Jewish students on campuses a decade later, to the more recent decisions of Boston’s JCRC and ADL to embrace Boston’s Islamists, and more, Jacobs presents a detailed inside history, much of which has been heretofore mostly unspoken.

Webinar: The Failure of Jewish Leadership Today (July 30, 2020) — Part 1

APT wishes to thank Aynaz Anni Cyrus, David Horowitz Freedom Center, and The Glazov Gang for making this webinar possible.

You can watch the Q&A segment here.

Webinar: The Failure of Jewish Leadership Today (July 30, 2020) — Part 2 (Q&A)
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