WATCH: Jacobs Exposes Farrakhan on Black Broadcast

Dr. Charles Jacobs introduces the reality of modern-day black slavery in North Africa to a new generation of black journalists

As “Black Lives Matter” becomes the most important cultural slogan of our time, Dr. Charles Jacobs talks with black YouTuber Will Johnson about those black lives which don’t seem to matter to the Black Lives Matter movement: namely, the hundreds of thousands of “politically incorrect” black slaves owned by Arabs and Muslims across North Africa today.

One of the myriad reasons why these black slaves’ lives don’t seem to matter to today’s “social justice” activists is Louis Farrakhan’s enormous influence inside the black community. Jacobs exposes how in the 1990s Farrakhan’s followers battled those trying to free the slaves, and how Farrakhan himself publicly denied, in the case of Sudan, that the slavery was even happening.

To learn more about instances of modern-day black slavery in Africa which both Louis Farrakhan and the “human rights community” fail to combat, please visit

Dr. Charles Jacobs: Emancipating Today’s Black Slaves — Not PC (August 4, 2020)
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