With Tsarnaev’s Death Sentence Overturned, Book Reminds How Boston’s Jewish Leaders Embraced His Radical Mosque

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Sued but not silenced

In 2002, the Boston Marathon bombers came to America and got involved with a local terror-affiliated mosque called the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB). That same year, we began fighting to educate the Boston community about the threat the IBS posed.

The ISB sued us, and we beat it back, getting some of its most private and damning records in the process. However, it was not just the ISB blocking and opposing us, but the progressive establishment of the Hub, whose members are convinced that the ISB leaders could be won over to decency with smiles and embraces.

Most tragic were the actions of Boston’s Jewish leaders: Barry Shrage, Robert Trestan, Larry Lowenthal, Nancy Kaufman, and Jeremy Burton.

As these leaders embraced the ISB over the past two decades, it has continued to produce Islamist terrorists. Fourteen so far, including the Boston Marathon bombers, have been locked up, killed, or declared fugitives due to terrorist activities. With Obama-appointed judges now having overturned the surviving Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s death sentence, and a new trial potentially in the works, the ISB saga continues.

The book, Terror in the Cradle of Liberty, tells the whole hidden story.

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