WATCH: Charles Jacobs Interviews Black Pro-Jewish Activist

Watch: APT webinar with Joshua Washington of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel

Kicking off APT’s new series of conversations with pro-Jewish activists and allies, Dr. Charles Jacobs interviews Joshua Washington, director of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel (IBSI).

The interview took place live on August 13, 2020, and was significantly enhanced with an edit adding important images and exclusive footage.

If you appreciate Joshua’s work, please support him.

Stay tuned for our upcoming series with experts, activists and allies.

Topics will include:

• How can we understand and combat black anti-Semitism?

• What will Jewish students face when campuses open up?

• What is the strategy of the establishment Jewish leadership, given the new situation our community faces?

APT Webinar: Joshua Washington on Black Solidarity with Israel (August 13, 2020)
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