CAIR Must Denounce Islamic Enslavement of Africans

Illustration by an unknown artist from 1866 accompanying the journal of abolitionist David Livingstone, depicting Arab slave traders taking murderous revenge upon black slaves who had become too weak to march. (Wikipedia Commons)

CAIR must atone for its selective observance of the sanctity of black lives

As the Black Lives Matter movement has swept the country, many non-black groups have joined its coalition. One such group should be of grave concern, especially to the black Americans whom it claims to support.

As the terrorist-linked group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) trumpets its support of the BLM movement, it has remained mum on the issue of the hundreds of thousands of blacks owned as slaves today by its fellow Muslims throughout North Africa.

According to human rights reports and reflected in recent news coverage, blacks in Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria, and Sudan are captured, bought, sold, and raped as slaves by Muslims. CNN’s recent video footage of an auction in Libya of a black man shocked viewers. Michelle Obama’s effort on behalf of black Christian girls in Nigeria who had been taken as slaves by Islamic raiders awakened Americans to the continuing problem of human bondage.

Yet, CAIR has not spoken publicly, much less to the black groups it supports, about how it, and American Muslims in general, might protest and condemn this human rights horror, and might organize efforts to liberate the slaves.

If it truly cares about black lives, CAIR should denounce Islamic slavery. It has a special duty to do so, as slavery has been practiced continuously for nearly 14 centuries in Islamic lands without discernible abolitionist pushback from within the Islamic world.

Black Americans might want to enroll CAIR — which likely has more influence in this matter than any other group — in a broad abolitionist movement that would free today’s black slaves.

If we are now, all of us, to examine the racially harmful effects of our conduct and our beliefs, then CAIR, too, should end its silence on slavery and oppression of blacks in the Muslim world.

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