Jewish Writer Resigns from the “New York Times”: Bullied, Called “Nazi” and “Racist” by Colleagues — “Times” Management Silent!

Former “New York Times” columnist Bari Weiss at her desk in the newsroom in 2018. (Josefin Dolsten)

PC mob claims an heroic Jewish victim: author of “How to Fight Anti-Semitism” now personally engaged in the battle

Bari Weiss has resigned from The New York Times. Her resignation letter will become an historic document as it records, from the inside, how a once-respected “newspaper of record” succumbed to a mob hostile to the truth and the Jews.

APT urges you to sit down in a quiet place and read Bari’s frightening letter — a sad commentary on the death of journalism and decency inside the offices of the Times. You will no doubt also be struck by its matchless eloquence and clarity.

We first met Bari Weiss as a student leader at Columbia University in 2004, when we produced the film Columbia Unbecoming, which documented the bullying and intimidation of Jewish students on the part of anti-Israel professors at Columbia. Avi Goldwasser and I, then leaders of The David Project, tried with this film to awaken America’s Jewish leadership to the dangers of “the new anti-Semitism” — anti-Zionism on campuses — but to no avail.

It is in great part the failure of Jewish leaders to comprehend and effectively respond to this threat that has resulted in the growing hostile environment for Jewish students on campuses today. It is surely not surprising that this same bullying and intimidation have followed students as they entered the workplace.

It is a sad day in America to witness an extraordinarily talented journalist forced to resign from her job where she sought to use reason and goodwill to fight against the vicious tyranny overtaking this country’s media and politics.

Unlike the Times’ publisher, who flaccidly submits to the mob, Bari did not once cower or bow or flinch. She stands tall.

God bless Bari Weiss.

Dr. Charles Jacobs

President, APT

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