WATCH: Caroline Glick and Charles Jacobs Discuss BLM’s anti-Semitism and How to Deal with It

WATCH: APT’s Dr. Charles Jacobs and Caroline Glick explain Black Lives Matter’s anti-Semitism and Louis Farrakhan’s betrayal of black slaves in Africa

On this latest Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) webinar Caroline Glick reveals the anti-Semitic core of the Black Lives Matter organization. Charles Jacobs, who has helped free black slaves in Sudan, explains how Minister Louis Farrakhan is not only the most dangerous anti-Semite in America, but also actively betrayed these black slaves.

The modern-day slave trade run by Arab/Muslims in five African countries just might trip up the anti-Semites in the BLM movement.

While we should all care about racism in America, we should not allow that concern to be harnessed by radicals and Jew-haters.

This EMET webinar from July 8, 2020, had more that 640 live viewers.

Please watch and disseminate. You can see the video here.

Anti-Semitism Within the Black Lives Matter  Movement and The Arab/Muslim Trade in Black Slaves
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