Farrakhan the Imposter: He is Betraying Today’s Black Slaves

Minister Louis Farrakhan raves to his followers in his 4th of July “Criterion” address — July 4, 2020. (Revolt TV)

Farrakhan exposed like never before: revealed as the black man’s greatest betrayer!

On July 4, Minister Louis Farrakhan gave a nearly three-hour speech seen by the better part of a million people in which he blamed Jews for all black peoples’ problems worldwide.

What he hid from his followers is his own knowledge that, as he spoke, his fellow black people are today owned as chattel slaves by his co-religionists in five African countries.

Reports of Arabs and Muslims enslaving blacks today is a poison pill for Farrakhan, whose mission is to defame Jews and convince American blacks that Islam is the path to their liberation.

Well, looking at the evidence, at least in some parts of our world, it seems the opposite may be true.

Read Dr. Charles Jacobs’ devastating piece in JNS exposing Farrakhan as a man who denied that his fellow blacks were actually his fellow Muslims’ property — a denial that may have been paid for in Libyan cash.

Louis Farrakhan Denies the Existence of Slavery in Sudan (March 14, 1996)

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