APT Ad Explains the Failure of Jewish Leadership

APT hits back at failed Jewish leaders’ “Ostrich Strategy”

The Jewish community is under siege and now in the crosshairs of the axis of anti-Semites who seek to leverage the powerful BLM movement against Israel and Jews.

They are using the old blood libel playbook while promoting genocidal slogans.

In Boston yesterday, the offices of the ADL and JCRC were targeted by anti-Israel protestors. They equated Zionism with racism while accusing Israel of genocide.

In New York City the mob chanted “Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” The Arab street has come to America.

At Brooklyn “No to Annexation” Rally, Speakers Call to Abolish Police, Israel, and U.S. Government

We cannot control what the haters do, but we can certainly demand that our leaders take actions to protect the community.

Jewish leadership continues to be paralyzed by a willful denial about the nature of the threat, and the vicious and hateful forces arrayed against us.

The ADL and the Federations act as though our good will and significant support of liberal and left-wing causes will pacify the mob, and will win us friends. They are in denial, preferring the “Ostrich Strategy” to confronting ugly realities.

The fate of the community is linked directly to the effectiveness of our leadership. We cannot remain silent, and we cannot let failed leadership continue to damage our future in the face of so significant an assault.

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Why are American Jewish leaders failing to protect the community? 

Why do Jewish leaders seem to prefer the “ostrich strategy”? 

▶  Because they are immersed in a culture of lies, deceit, and cowardice.

▶  Because they are fearful of alienating or being excommunicated from the liberal-progressive tribe, and of losing the perks and status (and presumed safety) it provides them.

▶  Because they believe that Jews are privileged and strong, and that Jewish values require that we prioritize helping the weak and marginalized over helping besieged Jewish communities.

▶  Thus, they justify diverting precious Jewish resources to support immigrants from deeply anti-Semitic countries.

▶  Thus, their utopian, progressive, and universalist worldviews enable them to ignore threats to Jewish communities emanating from radicalized minorities and their progressive supporters.

How else can we explain their reluctance to address Jew-hatred from radicalized African Americans, Muslims, and progressives, or explain their reluctance to stand up to Jew-hating congresswomen? 

Most Jewish leaders are betraying and endangering American Jews. 

They must be replaced.

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