Sign the Petition: We Need to Stand Up against Jew-Haters on Campuses

Demand the Removal of Ahmad Daraldik from Florida State University Student Senate

Ahmad Daraldik (also styled Eldeek), the current FSU senate president, has made anti-Semitic remarks in multiple social media posts.

These posts were exposed right after the previous president was removed from his position for remarks critical of transgenderism.

Daraldik, however, has said, “#fucktheoccupation,” “#fuckisrael” and jokes about “stupid jew[s].” He has also compared the Israeli government to Nazi Germany’s genocide of the Jews. These anti-Semitic remarks should not be welcomed on FSU’s campus, in the United States, or anywhere for that matter.

There is no justification for his remarks, and he must be removed from this position of power.

The dire situation of a Jew-hating student government running rampant has happened before. In 2015, the UCLA student senate made national news by infamously voting to deny a seat on the student judiciary committee to a Jewish student named Rachel Beyda for fear that she would not be able “to maintain an unbiased view” of her duties towards non-Jews. Her main opponents on the council were students who both (hypocritically) had campaigned on their ethnic backgrounds and belonged to anti-Israel campus organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine. Beyda was only confirmed once the (adult) administration demanded that the senate do its job.

Please sign the petition to have Daraldik removed from this position of goodwill which he obviously does not deserve.

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