The “Times of Israel” Reports on Jew-Baiting at UMass Amherst

CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile asks, “Are pro-Israel dissenters safe at UMass Amherst?”

The scandal over UMass Amherst’s persecution and expulsion of conservative pro-Israel student Louis Shenker is getting international attention. Drawing on original coverage by the Abu Yehuda blog, CAMERA’s Dexter Van Zile writes in the Times of Israel that it “seems reasonable to ask if a family that allows its children to attend UMASS Amherst is guilty of parental malpractice.”

Van Zile reports on the legal efforts by APT and Education Without Indoctrination to protect Louis, cataloguing the multiple complaints and requests for investigation from our lawyers that went unanswered by the university. As it turned out, the very faculty and administrators tasked with protecting Louis’s rights were the ones trying to cancel him. Van Zile concludes:

“Judging from a $27 million lawsuit being prepared against UMASS Amherst, the school may not be a safe place for learning, free inquiry, and ideological nonconformism. For all the lip service the school’s faculty gives to free speech and the right to dissent, there’s evidence the school is not such a good place for students who disagree with the anti-Israel, anti-American, and anti-Western narrative that has taken root in higher education in the United States.”

Read the Times of Israel post here, and original reporting by Vic Rosenthal of the Abu Yehuda blog here.

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