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During the health and economic crises, we cannot pause in our battle against the pandemic of Jew-hatred surging around us. Every day we fight to “flatten the curve,” as we doubt there is a vaccine.

Here’s what we’re doing. If you like it, please support us with a tax-deductible donation.


1. Challenging Failed Jewish Leadership: “Ten-Point Initiative — A New Strategy for a New Time”

The Jewish community cannot survive without strong leadership. Last month, we launched a national ad campaign to prompt open and public discussions within American Jewish communities about the ugly realities we now face, and the urgent need for re-thinking the failed strategies to which our leaders still cling. We have taken out full-page ads in over a dozen top Jewish papers across the country and in Commentary magazine. I’ve enclosed the ad. As you can see, we’ve been joined by several grass-roots pro-Jewish groups from around the country. Please visit www.peaceandtolerance.org/ten to see how you can help us with this most important project.

2. We Have Shut Down the Interfaith Alliance between Boston’s Jewish Establishment and the City’s Islamist Institutions

Background: In 2018, we began exposing the interfaith alliance between Boston’s mainstream Jewish groups and the city’s Islamist institutions, which include CAIR-Massachusetts and the anti-Semitic Roxbury mega-mosque called the ISBCC. The interfaith alliance, called “Out of Many, One,” was led, among many others, by the Boston JCRC’s Executive Director, Jeremy Burton, and the imam of the ISBCC Roxbury mosque, Sheikh Yasir Fahmy. The most disgraceful episode in this Jewish project to legitimize Islamist radicals occurred in 2018, when Burton and the ADL’s Robert Trestan invited Sheikh Fahmy to give a sermon at the Boston Jewish community’s vigil for the Tree of Life synagogue shooting victims.

Thanks to your support, Sheikh Fahmy is now gone and the JCRC/ADL interfaith effort in Boston is defunct.

HOW WE DID IT: We discovered and publicized videos of sermons and speeches of the imam inciting Boston’s Muslims against Israeli Jews, and preaching against homosexuals. We also exposed the imam’s Hamas connections.

In October, the Roxbury mosque announced, with “deep regret,” that Sheikh Fahmy has resigned, and we understand that he is currently unemployed. This resignation follows the same pattern as the resignation of the mosque’s previous imam, Suhaib Webb, who left after a similar APT exposure campaign. Webb explained why he left the mosque to avoid APT scrutiny in these words: “Basically, it felt like you’re a fighter and you’re getting hit and beat, and you turn around and your manager’s gone. And then someone from the crowd throws a chair and hits the guy on the head.”

Since Fahmy’s resignation, the mosque and its leaders have disappeared from the civic stage in Boston. There appears to be some internal turmoil at the mosque as well. All interfaith activity by the JCRC and ADL with the mosque and other Islamists in Boston, to the best of our current knowledge, has ceased.

3. Promoting Our New Book about the History of Islamic Extremism in New England

In November, Encounter Books published Terror in the Cradle of Liberty: How Boston Became a Center of Islamic Extremism by our Executive Director, Ilya Feoktistov. The book describes in painful detail the shameful responses of Boston’s Jewish leaders who knew the mosque was a Muslim Brotherhood project, but who chose to adopt the posture of their left-wing allies and embrace the Islamists. Two mosque congregants bombed the Boston Marathon; twelve others have been arrested, killed, or are in flight due to terror activities. Ilya’s book, now available on Amazon, reveals how Boston’s leaders allowed this to happen. Since publication, the book has been reviewed in The Federalist, and Dennis Prager interviewed Ilya about the book on his radio show. Ilya and I have done many other radio interviews, are holding book discussions in the community, and plan to do national ads for the book.

4. The Renegade Rabbis Project — Destruction from Within

Many American rabbis are little more than secular radicals who dress up in kippot and tallitot to exploit the Jewish religion in the name of leftist politics. There is a lot of dissatisfaction in the community, even among liberal and Reform Jews, with the politicized left-wing rabbinate’s embrace of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic ideologies. Still, no Jewish organization has dared to criticize rabbis because of their status as spiritual leaders, no matter how far-left and dangerous those rabbis happen to be.

As Americans, we do not believe that any leader, even a spiritual one, is above criticism. We have therefore launched a project to document the truth about radical leftist rabbis, their ideology, and the harm that their ideology does to the Jewish people. Over the past months, we have released a series of articles and videos targeting one of the most radical left-wing rabbis in Boston — Toba Spitzer of Newton’s Congregation Dorshei Tzedek. Spitzer believes that, when it comes to Israel, it is questionable whether “the physical continuity of the Jewish people supersedes other Jewish values,” like “lovingkindness” and “mercy” toward “supporters of Hamas” — her words, not ours. She embraces anti-Semites like Linda Sarsour. Yet she recently served as the president of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis, and still sits as a member.

Unfortunately, rabbis like Toba Spitzer are becoming normalized in Jewish communities all over America, and not only in Reform or Reconstructionist congregations. We are expanding our campaign to expose such rabbis to public scrutiny with articles and videos; and we look forward to your suggestions for the most extremist rabbis in your own communities.

5. Defending Jewish Students on Campus — UMass Amherst

Western Massachusetts has become a major hotspot of anti-Israel incitement and far-left activism in New England, centered on the Five Colleges, with UMass Amherst one ofthe worst of them. Over the past year, UMass Amherst has held two large BDS conferences featuring the likes of Linda Sarsour, Roger Waters, and Omar Barghouti. At the last one, in November, a Jewish student, Louis Shenker, stood up to protest. In response, anti-Israel professors and graduate students filed false police reports against the Jewish student, ultimately getting him arrested, expelled, and chased off campus with hundreds of flyers with his picture posted everywhere calling him a white supremacist and threatening to “beat the dogsh*t” out of him.

APT has stepped in to support this Jewish student, teaming up with Education Without Indoctrination to successfully defend him against all the false criminal charges in court. This was a major effort, but we won against every charge. Now, we are going on offense with a civil lawsuit against UMass Amherst to punish the administration and the individuals involved for the outrageous violations of the university’s Jewish students’ civil rights. The details of what UMass Amherst students, faculty, and administrators did to Louis, and what anti-Semites can get away with on campus, will shock many.

6. Defending Jewish Students in High Schools

This January, we released a short video documenting the influence of Qatar and Saudi Arabia on American high school education. The video reveals how Qatar, which promotes Jew-hatred worldwide, has been funding teacher training seminars on Middle East history for teachers in school districts across Massachusetts. YouTube has censored the video, so we placed it on Vimeo and are promoting it heavily on Facebook, where it has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

We fight all of these battles on a very modest budget. The failed establishment Jewish leadership views Jewish defense as a tiny part of its many intersectional priorities. For us, defending the Jewish people is the top priority. We hope you support our fight.

In freedom,

Charles Jacobs
President, APT

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