American Jewish Organizational Crack-Up Continues

Former chair of HIAS and current nominee for the chairship of the Conference of Presidents, Dianne Lob.

Major development in the leftist take-over of a prestigious Jewish defense agency

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations (COP) is, this morning, announcing that that it has resolved its inner conflict over the controversial election of Dianne Lob as its new chairperson. COP leaders say they have reached a compromise with groups opposed to her, to wit Lob will function as “chairperson-elect” for a year instead of assuming the position upon her (inevitable, but hotly contested) election.

The center/right groups which opposed her likely had no choice but to accept this arrangement, but in the absence of Lob publicly denouncing HIAS policy and practices, this is an empty victory for the pro-Israel community.

As we reported last week, Dianne Lob headed HIAS, the once pro-Jewish organization that resettled Jews to America, but now is at the forefront of bringing Muslim immigrants from overwhelmingly anti-Semitic cultures to our country. HIAS refuses to vet these people for their beliefs about Jews, women, gays, or democracy, as they contend that would be “racist.” HIAS, therefore, is importing masses of Jew-haters to America. The Jews of Europe are fleeing the continent, in great part because these same populations are physically attacking them.

We at APT will continue to insist that Lob renounce HIAS policies — or she will not be eligible to lead one of the most prominent pro-Israel groupings in existence.

Before this “compromise” announcement, Caroline Glick wrote a column showing that leftist take-overs of important Jewish groups are becoming the norm. You can read Glick’s powerful piece here. (We fervently hope her view of AIPAC’s direction is overly pessimistic.)

We also must note HIAS’s relationship with the infamous Jew-hater, Linda Sarsour. Who has claimed that Israel was built on racist, supremacist foundations and then asked “progressive Zionists,” “…how can you be against white supremacy in America and the idea of being in a state based on race and class, but then you support a state like Israel that is based on supremacy, that is built on the idea that Jews are supreme to everyone else?” Sarsour initiated a sly plot involving HIAS.

Eighteen months ago, she initiated a fundraiser for HIAS on her Facebook page. Why not? HIAS is importing masses of Muslims, many of whom likely have the same hatred of Israel as she does (according to none other than the ADL, an average of 74% of Middle Eastern Muslims hold anti-Jewish views). HIAS may not have actually received the nearly $45,000 she raised: Sarsour has a history of fundraising “for” Jewish institutions and then stealing the money for her own Islamist purposes. But Lob never called her out, and never — if she received it — renounced and returned the cash as the filthy money it was.

More than a year before Sarsour published her fundraiser, two high-ranking HIAS administrators signed a May 31, 2017, open letter in support of Sarsour in the face of supposed “vicious public threats and intimidation.” Lob, as the head of HIAS from 2016 to 2019, says she never approved of her colleagues lending their names to a defense of Sarsour, but then neither did she condemn it or remonstrate with them as far as anyone knows.

It must not be forgotten that it was also under her leadership that HIAS began to partner with the Hamas-linked fake charity Islamic Relief to bring refugees from the most anti-Jewish corners of the planet to the U.S.

So, either Lob is a liar, or she is so incompetent that she did not realize that vociferous Jew-haters were raising funds for her organization, or she is so weak that she could not prevent or scold her HIAS colleagues for defending the repulsive Sarsour.

Before the “compromise,” JNS’s Jonathan Tobin concluded that COP will self-destruct if Lob becomes its chair.

We say: there is now time to campaign to press her to renounce HIAS’s policies and statements. The COP cannot be effectively led by a person who knows nothing — or who cares nothing about — Islamic Jew-hatred.

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