The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (“COP”) Goes Rogue

The hijacking of Jewish leadership by the radical left

The COP — a coalition of over 50 Jewish organizations — was created to “advance the interests of the American Jewish community and fight anti-Semitism.” It was recently announced that the organization will elect a new chair of the board.

Shockingly, the only person selected to run for that office is Dianne Lob, former chair of the board of HIAS.

HIAS was founded to help rescue Jews fleeing from horrific persecution and mass murder, mostly in Europe, and historically it has done a good job.

Today, however, HIAS, despite its name — Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society — is not a Jewish organization. For the past few decades it has focused its efforts to assist Muslim migrants.

The vast majority of material on HIAS’s website does not promote Jews or Israel. A more honest name for the organization would be MIAS. HIAS leadership has distorted Jewish values to justify its new mission. It has conflated the social justice agenda with the interests of the Jewish community. Adopting the simplistic feel-good slogan of “welcome the stranger,” it intentionally ignores the devastating effect of unvetted Muslim migration on European Jewry. HIAS has positioned itself at the forefront of importing masses of Muslim refugees into the United States.

Jewish leadership support for un-vetted immigration has been a major force in increasing Jew-hatred in recent years.

HIAS has refused to respond to requests that it vet incoming Muslim refugees for their beliefs about Jews, gays, women, or democracy. This, when it has been documented that Syrian refugees have been inculcated with Jew-hatred in Syria’s government-run school system.

HIAS has collaborated with radical Jew-hating Muslim organizations including CAIR, MPAC (a leading sponsor of Students for Justice in Palestine), and Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA). IRUSA has been labeled a terrorist organization by several Middle Eastern countries.

HIAS leaders co-signed a 2017 letter — together with Israel-bashers such as Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow — defending Jew-hating, Israel-hating, BDS-promoting, Muslim supremacist Linda Sarsour.

Dianne F. Lob, the current nominee for the chairpersonship of the Conference of Jewish Presidents, and former chair of the board of HIAS. (Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations via JTA)

An important mission of COP is to represent American Jewish interest to the president and Congress. HIAS has been highly partisan and aggressively hostile to the Trump administration.

This appointment is another example of failing Jewish leadership empowered by self-indulgent elite donors.

Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), testifying before Congress on rising anti-Semitism — April 9, 2019. (Zach Gibson / Getty Images)

Morton Klein, head of the ZOA, not unexpectedly has taken the first step to block this horror.

You can read his letter to the Conference of Presidents by downloading either a PDF or a Word document of the text.

There is little time remaining. The official vote is scheduled for April 28. If you agree, please immediately send messages to:

• William Daroff, Chief Executive Officer of the Conference:

• Arthur Stark, current Chairman:

• Malcolm I. Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference:

Alternatively, feel free to call the Conference at 1 (212) 644-4135 to express your dismay at this unwise rush to judgment.

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