Defeating the Plagues at Passover

At Passover, let us begin rebuilding Jewish leadership

It will be an “interesting” seder for world Jewry. Let us make the best of it with all the creativity that G-d has bestowed upon us.

As the world seeks treatments and cures for the corona/Wuhan pandemic, we are working on an effective community response to the epidemic of Jew-hatred.

Anti-Semitism has not paused but has surged with blood libels — on almost every continent — blaming “the Jews” for the virus. This despicable demonization comes atop the lies being spread like a virus by that combination of Leftist anti-Zionists, Muslim Jew-haters, neo-Nazis, and Farrakhaners.

Years of neglect and misguided policies by mainstream Jewish leaders have failed to stop the  surge of Jew-hatred in America.

And so we have joined with other grassroots groups to offer a 10-point “Treatment Program” on how to counter the hatred, with specific actions for Jewish leadership.

We are launching a national ad campaign (see below), in Jewish papers and media, urging the community members to engage and challenge Jewish leadership — including rabbis — to re-think failed communal policies.

Please support us in this effort.

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