World Zionist Congress Election: More at Stake Than Most Jews Know

Your vote can help insure Israel is strengthened — and defended from groups like J Street who are vying to control the WZC’s $1 billion budget

Voting is now open for the delegates who will attend this year’s World Zionist Congress in Jerusalem this October. I strongly urge you to vote.

APT has joined the ZOA Coalition (Slate #11). Your vote for us will help defend the Jewish state. It is also needed to protect the 2020 World Zionist Congress — and its related $1 billion annual budget — from groups (such as J Street) who openly say that they plan to “divert” communal funds “away from” Jews living in the historic Jewish homelands in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria.

This J Street-led coalition is bragging about using the power they obtained in previous WZC elections to stop land purchases on behalf of the Jewish people in these historic, lawful Jewish lands. That’s a form of anti-Jewish boycott.

Please help us stop those groups from getting their hands on the WZC-related budgets again.Voting carries a small fee of $7.50 ($5 if you are under 25), and is open through March 11, 2020.You vote by clicking here and following the instructions.

Please make sure to vote for the ZOA Coalition (Slate #11). We strongly encourage you to vote for the ZOA Coalition (Slate #11), because it is leading the battle at the World Zionist Congress to defend Israel, sovereignty, and the Jewish people.

The ZOA Coalition (Slate #11) is leading the battle at the World Zionist Congress to defend Israel, sovereignty, and the Jewish people. At the most recent World Zionist Congress in 2015, the ZOA Coalition initiated and fought for every pro-Israel resolution and program, and was successful in many of these battles.

The ZOA Coalition of 27 groups — many of which you likely know and support — is working to make sure that WZC funds are used to rescue Jews endangered by global antisemitism; to combat antisemitism; to combat anti-Israel boycotts and anti-Jewish boycotts of all varieties; to provide positive Jewish and Zionist education; and to defend and protect the Jewish people’s rights to our land.

APT has joined the ZOA Coalition and I am on the slate. The Coalition is endorsed by Israeli PM Netanyahu, Israel’s major ministers, including Foreign Minister Israel Katz and Justice Minister Amir Ohana, regional council leaders, Speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein, Knesset member and former Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat, newspapers including the Jewish Voice and Jewish Connection, and more.

PM Netanyahu has called for every American Jew to vote for the ZOA Coalition.

You can read more at Every vote counts! Please remember to vote for the ZOA Coalition (Slate #11)!

Thank you.


Charles Jacobs
President, APT

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