Rabbis, Scholars, Activists Call for New Leadership to Defend Jews

Rabbi Aryeh Spero. (YouTube)

Rabbi Spero: “We can wait no longer… the ADL, JCRCs, and many Federations are failing us.”

In the face of the continuing surge of attacks against the Jewish community across the country, a group of scholars, journalists, rabbis, and activists recently convened in New York City to call for new Jewish leadership. Under the guidance of Rabbi Aryeh Spero, the “Jewish Leadership Summit” is issuing a set of proposals for discussion “by local Jewish communities and individuals… who want to protect the Jewish community and its institutions.”

“We can wait no longer,” Rabbi Spero writes. “…the ADL, JCRCs, and many Federations are failing us.”

Americans for Peace and Tolerance, under Charles Jacobs, has joined the JLS and writes:

“The Jewish community owes a debt of gratitude to Rabbi Spero, for speaking truth to power and for taking this initial action to organize American Jews who have recognized the failure of our major institutions to protect us from physical and ideological assault.”

APT hopes that others around the country will be inspired by this groundbreaking initiative.

Please read and disseminate Rabbi Spero’s call in JNS.

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